Trina » does anyone know if Adam's okay?
Jeremiadist » apparently, it worked.
brandy101 » as they say on Boost Mobile, "Where you at?"
Winston » Bwang!! Sorry, I just hit you with a virtual frying pan.
Daveman » Adam <ahem> the cobwebs are getting thick in here. Hint-hint. **sprays air freshener**
xaos » i miss you.
Daveman » I see my threat had impact. ***dave walks off with a smug expression**
Daveman » If you dont update soon - we are going to fire you and hire you back cheaper. And you thought the pay sucks now...
Lorcs » *Hovers around, impatiently*
Xaos » where have you been??? it's driving me crazy...this sporadic entry business will be the death of me.
mjomesa » good looking man
Daveman » How long do you plan on remaining 27? Werent you 27 for the for the last 3 years now? I demand your secret! Im 48 and trying to fend of #49 this month and the Old Folks Home!
Friday » Nice to see you blogging again. *hug*
Lorcs » Good to see you back man!
saifulfaizan » hallooo
steph » Yoo-hoooooo? I've been gone a long time, but you beat me hands down!
Friday » Happy New Year, Adancito. XOXO
steph » I'm back ... Happy New Year!
Halcyon » Joyeaux Noel
evie » hi there! just stopped by to read again
cari » Peekin in to see whats up in your part of the world!
spacenoodle » hello *waves*
A. Bahtiar's » Hey der... Juz drop by to view ur blog. Nice stuff u have
butter » An interesting material to read, loved the virginity story.
Icarus » have you ever considered writing a novel? because honestly, you've an amazing talent, do something with it!
evie » just stopping by for a read-through. haven't done so in ages! still always great reading!
stonerbot » Do you know why your blog is so popular? I can tell you why...
Steph » Just "Howdy"!
Cari » Hola again!
Icarus » ugh, each time I see your photo I feel so sorry for gay men everywhere, you're such a loss to our side! lol
Friday » Hola, Chico! XOXO
spacenoodle » love this blog
Beverly » Hey Adam, I love the way you write and your great sense of humor. I'll have to add you to my links so I can find you!
Cari » peekin in here to say hello as well
leilani » stopn by to say hey
Melly » just stoppin in to say hello
Purple » Hey Adam..You look so handsome holding that mug
xaos » hey Adam
Steph »
Carissa » Hello Hello! *waves*
summerfling » i love your posts.Have you watched 'Il Mare', the Korean inspiration for Lakehouse? I hear it was much better.
ynanna »
jerry » actually i added the link, I will remove if you so desire.
jerry » Daveman sent me here a long time ago then I lost the link, stumpled accross it again, do you mind if i add a link to my blog?
browneyed » Very rarely do I find someone whose writing makes me smile like yours does. Keep it up!
miss-hk » sigh; i watch the news, i read the news paper, i still get such shyt marks for eco!!! Arghh!
Jude » I love your entries, Adam. More please...
Rachel »
Angelena » Welcome back.
Liliana G » You're a breath of fresh air, Sir. Hilarious.
Icarus » Update GODDAMN IT! I'm having withdrawls here!!
xevery1hateskimx » hello there
david beckham » Pantek,fuck you,you stupid,andpepek amaang
Kate » You don't know me, but I visited Chicago for the first time last weekend, and I have to say that, while crowded, it's gorgeous. You're so lucky to live in a city that's so big, busy and beautiful!
Hailey <3's You » Wow great writings you are extremely talented...
Icarus » God every time I visit your page I'm drawn in completely. You're writing is amazing
Steph » Just dropping in to say hi!
yiddishe-kop » chag sameach, adam! i moved my blog: hope to see you there.
Friday » Wrap up some of that frost and send it my way, mi lindo. 85 and humid at the start of spring is so very what's-wrong-with-this-picture-ish. Great pic of you, Adancito. Be well, darlin'.
Steph » Re: Dora ~ Death is one trail we follow completely alone, and the one trail we fear travelling.
VyvaZone » juz curious...a novel in the making...anytime sooooooooon??? cheers! V
brandy101 » Oh Adam, when oh WHEN will we be frost-free??
Icarus » Well hello mister, it sure has been quite a while! Your blog is as great as ever, I might end up being addicted again...
Melly » nice new picture adam. hope all is well with you.
brandy101 » thak heavens the Gadzooks shirt is gone Nice pic! I love diners!
Steph » Okay. I'll stop. But I WILL be back.
Steph » Btw, I LOVE the new picture!! You handsome devil, you! How do you feel about May-December romances?
Steph » Hey! Thought I'd let you know, in my conceited way, that I have returned from my own banishment. Come see my baby!
Vi » Mmm...Shiraz. If I change my name to Molly Ivins and start bashing Bush, will you share?
Toaod » I love Pomegranate, the juice and the fruit. Have you ever tried to eat the fruit?I always feel so mixed up when I throw away the flesh so that I can chew on the seeds just to spit them out again.
Daveman » Lets hear it for Cracked Ceramic Cups and Pome... hold the farm there. I draw the line on prune juice <<shivers>>. Although Star Trek's, Worf, swears its the warriors drink of choice.
JeannieGrrl » Awesome blog!
Daveman » New Years! Happy New Years! Have one.
brandy101 » Happy Hanukkah, Adam!!!!
Daveman » Hello? Adam? YO! ADAM! **nudge-nudge** Hey you.
Daveman » Happy Hanukkah
asuma » i liked dec. 17th's one great!!
redrobot77 » Adam I'm not comming back to Chicago and I miss it like crazy. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Friday » *hugs*
Auttie » Hey! A friend of mine just opened a new advice blog which should be great if we can get it going! Please help pass the word! and Chicago rocks! Go Bears!
x-envyMEH-x » loving ur insightful blog!such an intensive sure to check out mine keep it up
Babs » hi adam
plh » Happy Holidays!!!
evie » wow! boy have i not visited this place in a long time!
Melly » hey there buddy, just seeing how you were doing.
Daveman » Adam - wake up son. One can onmly read an entry so many times before they go blind. Thou must update!
Daveman » Hope you didnt eat to much yesterday, Adam. <belch> I think I ate enough to get me through the winter.
Ashen » Hi there - quite an intriguing place. I look forward to reading the backlog, and future entries, naturellement. I plan to be quite a regular; thank you for giving us all such refreshing brain fodder!
pam_arnaldo » Like your blog. Interesting entries. Hope mine will be like those.
Cassie » Hey nice blog, you have some interesting entries!z
Away » lol..nice gadzooks shirt
Pareesha » concur
shell » wow, you're really cute. Nice going!
lonelysky » hey nice blogg
Whitters » yup very handsome
CM » hello
jen » hey's it goin?
yiddishe-kop » a belated shanah tovah to you, adam.
dawn » thought i would read a blog. interesting read.
indepth » i don't think i even make appointments for my optometrist... i only go when i feel my degree changing... il ike your entry about lonliness. makes me think